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I've been a musician for 27 years. My main instrument is the guitar, both electric and acoustic as well as guitar synthesizer which means i can play virtually any instrument known to man. I also can play keyboards as well as bass, harmonica, mandolin, ukulele, tenor and soprano guitar, and other stringed instruments. I've played literally all styles form jazz to punk to blues. I've recorded over forty 90 minute cassettes and 20 full length CD's of my own music in my home studio over the past 25 years. I have recorded several different styles of music this way including fusion, rock, reggae, metal, electronic, jazz and blues.











I have over 40 full length recordings of various styles, 99% of which are instrumentals.



"1995" - rock/metal/experimental

Heavily influenced by Sonic Youth and Band of Susans, this CD is a sonic overload of feedback, overtones, resonation and other living sounds created by guitars and amplifiers cranked up too loud. Most of these songs were recorded with a single mic about 4 inches from a 1948 tube amp with massive baffling to keep the sound from disturbing my neighbor in the next room. Most of teh drums were recorded by hand by tapping the drum pads on my trusty Alesis HR 16 drum machine. This was a tediouos operation because each drum had to be recorded separately on each track of my Fostex analog 8 track tape machine. I fully intended to flesh out this one to a ful 90 minutes like allof my cassettes but I only finished one side.


The Deconstructionist - Experimental

Explorations in low-fi, tonal experiments, feedback, just intonation, La Monte Young, Band of Susans, Sonic Youth influences.

Sample song

Rockasurfstompabilly - 50's Rock

Surf, rockabilly and 50's style rock n roll instrumentals

A Shot In The Dark (Mancini)


The Texturalist - Instrumental Rock

Sample Song


I'm With Stupid - Instrumental Rock

Sample song


Slapping On Colors - Instrumental Rock

Sample Song

You Don't Fool Me - Instrumental Rock

Sample Song

Electronic Recordings



Bubbling Up


Sample song


Sound Tchotchkes - experimental/electronic

Sample Song

Blues Recordings

Banjo Blues - Recorded entirely on my hand made cookie tin banjos.

Four Strings - Acoustic Delta Blues

Cigar Box Blues - Recorded entirely on my hand made cigar box guitars

Electric Boogie - Electric Blues

A year in the making, over an hour of electrified blues. Features electric guitar, electric bass, harmonica, sax, organ, drums and even a few electronic instruments and samples.

 Pretty Girl Blues - acoustic Blues

Irish Jig

Cypress Grove Blues - acoustic Blues

Cypress Grove Blues

Woodrow street Rag - acoustic Blues

Sample Song

Jag's Juke Joint Boogie - acoustic Blues

Come On In My Kitchen



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Jag's Juke Joint Blues, Homicidal Briefcase, Glands, Booger 9000, Spazmotics  

I also teach guitar