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Mad With Macintosh


More Info On Minix

A Unix-Like Operating System That Runs On A Mac Plus


Download Mac Minix here 5.2 mb

Segment it into 6 800k discs to load on your Plus or SE


Date: Tue, 6 Apr 1999 11:26:43 +0200
To: classic-post@hitznet.com
From: Heiko Recktenwald <UZS106@ibm.rhrz.uni-bonn.de>
Subject: MacMinix1.5

Some fun to have unix on a Plus or se........

I dont know how to use, not a Unix guru, but its complete etc...and the
idea of a real multitasking thing with system 6.....;-)

This morning I got a mail, explaing some of the mac specific commands. The
Prentice-Hall book isnt on the net, but here is a snippet, maybe somebody
is interested:

eject -- eject a diskette from a drive
hdclose -- close hard disk partition
hdopen -- set correspondence of a HD partition to a MacIntosh file
maccreate -- create an empty MacIntosh file
macfile -- list, read, and write MacIntosh volumes
macread -- read a MacIntosh file
macwrite -- write a MacIntosh file
rmaker -- a simple resource compiler
settype -- set type and/or creator of a Mac file

Dont ask me for the details, ask around at comp.os.minix, thats where Linux

The URL for minix is ftp.cs.vu.nl/pub/minix etc...look for Macintosh.

There are some manuals at, see the other snippet:

I should have mentioned in an earlier message that the entire Minix 1.5
reference manual is available at minix1.hampshire.edu in the
/pub/refman.1.5 directory. Also a set of man pages for Minix 1.5 is
available in /pub/minix.1.5/man.
MacMinix Web Site

Its not macspecific, but.......

The hqx files from Amsterdam is around 5 MB, took me one hour with a 14400
GV, around the same time for decoding, so if you can sacrify two hours..

And then, I had to log in. Password ??? Voila:

the login name is root and the password is Geheim (it's case
sensitive) hope that's what you need

also, the extra users on there are:
ast , Wachtwoold

you can edit the passwrods for all of them while logged on as root or
as the user

MacMinix is just a programm, there is MacBoot, you doubleclick on it etcpp.
No difficult HD manipulations needed. Read the files in etc to get some
kind of a clue, whats going on. First thing I did was to write a .kermcr
file for ast, set line /dev/tty3 etc., next thing will be some other file
in /etc that I can log into the SE from the outside.



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