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Making Your Mac Talk Under System 6

Thanks to b.b. baggins




After having made contact with the author of this wonderful little DA, James Joaquin, I'm glad to say that MacTalker is "officially" available freely again, with his permission. MacTalker is a System 6 Desk Accessory that, when launched, will greet you with a saved default greeting, and will also read any plain-text document you point it at. This is the most stable text-reading program I've found for System 6, and it's lotsa fun. Basically has the same speech abilities as SimpleText does in System 7, as long as you have the MacinTalk extension (version 2 works fine) in the System Folder. And it has controls to tweak that "default" voice you're stuck with in System 6. It will actually work with System 7, also, as long as you have an extra copy of MacinTalk "loose" in the System Folder for it to find (besides the one that would normally be in your Extensions folder).

Download MacTalker


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