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an interesting comparison of System 1 and 7


Some apps require 7.6 (internet mostly), otherwise there really is no need to run 7.6.x. I wouldn't run 8 on an 040 or PowerMac, I'd run 7.5.5 on the 040 and 8.6.1 on the PowerMac unless you have 64 megs of ram or more in which case I'd run 9.x. If you have a G3 with 256 megs or more, then X will run fine. As you can see, I see no reason to run 7.1 or 7.6 on any Mac. 7.5.3 is free as well as the upgrade to 7.5.5. Another advantage to running 7.5.3 or up is you don't have to worry about those pesky system enablers for 7.1. All the enablers are built into 7.5.3. 


System Software prior to 7.1
System Software after 7.1 and prior to 8
And of course there is always


Where to get Mac OS


6.0.3 from Apple
6.0.5 from Apple
6.0.8 from Apple
7.0 from Apple
7.0.1 from Apple
7.5.3 from Apple
7.5.5 update from Apple (add this to 7.5.3)

The above are the only versions available from Apple.

System 7.1 is not available for free from Apple due to licensing restricitons. You really don't need it anyway as 7.5.3, 7.5.5 is faster and more stable and has lots more features.

Versions after 7.5.5 are not yet available for free.


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