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Emulation/Tricking and Other 'Unsupported' Stuff



New URL for the Mac Clock Chipping Page
Mac II Easter Eggs - cool hidden tricks
Adding a 1.4 mb floppy to a Mac II
Make your own
bronze SE/30
Upgrading A DOS Card With A Faster Chip
Installing a DOS card into a 68k Mac (not supported by Apple)
Making a 7.5 boot floppy if you don't have 7.5
Hacking Apple's Drive Setup to see non Apple drives
Use an older Mac for amateur '
Packet' Radio. Talk to others via a shortwave radio and your Mac.
MacBochs - Run Windows and DOS on your 68k Mac.
Apple II Emulators Download Page
Run Unix on a Mac Plus while booted off a floppy.
Run Unix on your 68000 Mac (Plus, SE, Classic, PB 100, Portable) - a tiny educational version of command line Unix (no X here!). Runs as an application, so no reformatting your drive either. Investigate whether you wanna become a REAL geek.
Screen shots of my G3 running Mac OS 8.5.1, Windows 95 and System, 6.08 all at the same time.
Running Mac OS 8.5 On 68k Macs With PPC Upgrade Cards
Installing PPC (and other versions) of the Mac OS Onto 68k Macs
Upgrade Your Classic II to an LC 550 You need an LC motherboard for this experiment!
vMac -
Emulating a Mac Plus on a PowerMac or Windoze Machine
Accelerate Your Mac!
IIsi Ram Muncher - This control panel supposedly makes the IIsi faster by hacking it's memory configuration. The IIsi uses it's ram for VRAM and thus slows it down.

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