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 The Macintosh Color Classic

Released in February 1993, the Color Classic was identical to the Classic II, except for a color screen, a larger ROM, and a restyled case. The Color Classic sold for $1,390, and was also released as the Performa 250.

Apple's Specs on the Color Classic
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Color Classic Specs


Check out my Mac store for parts!
Memory - download my
Get Your Compact Mac On the Web Tutorial for info on memory and system upgrades.
Ram Guide for Macs
Radius PowerView - SCSI converter that allows 256 colors with an external monitor on the Classic (out of production).
Asante EN/SC - converts SCSI port to ethernet.
Sonnet Presto Plus - takes your slow CC 16 mhz '030 chip to a blazing 33 mhz '040 and adds 32 megs of ram. CAUTION: this card is EXTREMELY overpriced. Might as well buy a used iMac.
640x480 screen upgrade
Apple IIe card - run Apple II programs on your CC.


 Color Classic Mini FAQ


Get Your Compact Mac On the Web - everything you need.
Worldshare has free internet for 68k Macs - Mac Plus or up. No banners, no proprietary software to download. (Requires minimum $10 donation to the charity of your choice, also requires filling out 1 survey a month. Not available in all cities).
Tips For Browsing On Older Macs
Info About Browsers On Older Macs
Surf the web through another Mac - Mac Plus or up
I set up two Macs: (
Plus and Color Classic) as web servers at the same time.
NOTE: these servers are only up when I am online, typically 8 pm to 2 am CST.
Surf the web through another Mac - Mac Plus or up
ZTerm HOW-TO. Connect to Unix hosts or Macs and PC's with this terminal emulation program.
Tips on using Eudora on older Macs
Sue Korlan's Internet FAQ - tips and tricks on getting online and staying online


Building a Power Color Classic - all the way to a G3!
Performa 550 upgrade
Performa 575 upgrade
How to turbocharge your Color Classic
Interesting article on upgrading Color Classics


Classic Mac icons
Old Mac OS


Word Processing
Web server
Slow and limited web browsing
HyperCard programming for kids
Learn How To Type
Play old games
Learn Unix
Play network games
Paint programs for kids
Animation creation with HyperCard, Director, VideoWorks (last two are out of print)
Datase, mailing list, recipes with Filemaker 1-3, HyperCard



56k modem throughput
Networking a Mac to a Linux Box - includes details on how to instlal Linux on an SE/30.
Networking A CC to an iMac While Booted Off A Floppy
Home Automation Links (Mac Plus or up)
Networking a CC and USB Macs.
Scanning With A Classic Mac - tips and suggestions.
Using A Zip Drive On A Color Classic
Turning your dead Mac into a
Color Classic Club

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