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 The Macintosh

Released with much fanfare in January of 1984, the Macintosh was the first affordable computer to include a Graphical User Interface. It was built around the new Motorola 68000 chip, which was significantly faster than previous processors, running at 8 MHz. The Mac came in a small beige case with a black and white monitor built in. It came with a keyboard and mouse, and had a floppy drive that took 400k 3.5" disks--the first personal computer to do so. It originally sold for $2,495.

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Macintosh Specs


Mac Plus - you can pop a Plus motherboard inside the 128k, but you'll still be limited to a 400k floppy drive.


Good luck! tehe


Because the 128k is so old, there are very few programs around that will run on it. Try local thrift shops and eBay.


Word Processing
Learn How To Type
Play old games
Paint programs for kids


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comp.sys.mac.digest : Mac info & uses
comp.sys.mac.hardware.misc : General Mac hardware topics
comp.sys.mac.misc : General discussion about Mac
comp.sys.mac.programmer.help : Help with Mac programming
comp.sys.mac.programmer.info : FAQ
comp.sys.mac.programmer.misc : Other issues of Macintosh programming
comp.sys.mac.system : Discussion of Macintosh software system


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