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Apple Recommends Legacy 2000 System Software For Older Macs



Thursday,December 16, 1999


By Applelinks Contributing Editor Charles W. Moore

While owners of older Macs with Motorola 68030 processing chips like my old LC 520 are shut out of the Mac OS 8 and OS 9 experience, Apple is recommending the Legacy 2000 Software package which includes:


Interestingly, even though OS 8 and 8.1 support Macs with the faster 68LC040, or 68040 processors, Apple is also recoommending the Legacy 2000 package for these machines. This is probably sensible advice, as many of these computers are a bit RAM-challenged, and Mac OS 7.5.5 has much smaller RAM demands than OS 8.x, as well as offering very good stability and snappy finder performance. On the downside, I miss some of the cool OS 8.x features when using my old OS 7.5.5 equipped LC.

The Legacy 2000 components can be downloaded separately free of charge from the Apple Software Updates web site at the following URL: http://www.apple.com/support, or ordered from SRF Direct at 1-888-273-3594. on CD or floppy disk for the same price.$35 + shipping + tax. Part numbers are: for the bootable CD: LGX-APLSRF-0128; bootable floppy disks: KT-8004 (Apple Legacy 2000 CD 1.0).


For all Apple Macintosh computers with any version of the PowerPC processor, Apple recommends Mac OS 9 or later. To order Mac OS 9, you can call the Apple Software Order Center (ASOC) at 1-800-293-6617, visit the Apple Store at http://www.apple.com/store, or purchase a copy through your favorite local or mail order reseller.


For all Apple displays connected to a PowerPC-based computer, Apple recommends using the software that is built in to Mac OS 9 or later. For all Apple displays connected to a 68k-based computer (non-PowerPC), Apple recommends Apple Displays 1.5.5.


To order Apple Displays 1.5.5, call SRF Direct @ 1-888-273-3594. Software to orderCost (+ shipping + tax) Part Numbers Apple Displays 1.5.5 $10KT-3007. This software can also be downloaded freeof charge from Apple's Website.


For all Newton MessagePads with 1.x OS, updates are available at no charge from Apple by downloading it from the Apple Software Updates web site at the following URL: http://www.apple.com/support


For the Newton MessagePad 120 with 2.0 OS only, Apple provides using the following... To order this software, call Apple @ 1-888-273-3594. Software to order Cost (+ shipping + tax) Part NumberMedia Newton Connection Utility 1.0 $29.99601-2065-ACD 601-2028-Afloppy disk. This software is not available by any other means.


For Performa computers that were originally bundled with ClarisWorks, GreatWorks, or WordPerfect Works, Apple recommends an upgrade to AppleWorks5.0. To order AppleWorks 5.0 ($99), call the Apple Software Order Center at 1 (800) 293-6617.


For more information on Apple software upgrades, visit this Apple Tech Info. Library article at:




Charles W. Moore

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