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Using Kaleidescope On Black and White Macs



Here's (basically) a short list of Kaleidoscope schemes that actually function fairly well on a black-n-white SE/30, running 7.1 w/Appearance set. Some Notes: These are the "quick" ones I've found. Some schemes are hideously slow, and many just don't work. Generally speaking, this all depends on how good (how thoughtful?) a scheme designer the author was...some of them make absolutely NO provisions for black-n-white users, while some do quite a nice job of it. Also, it's a good idea to leave the "use this scheme's background pattern" box unchecked, and use the standard "gray" desktop. Be sure to check the "faster spinning rectangles" box (...and, oh yeah...play with the System fonts all ya want. My favorite at the moment is Parisian 14 pt. Very Art Deco). And remember that you have to restart to get your folders to change when you switch schemes. Dis ain't OS 8.6 heah...;-)


Of course,"Apple platinum" runs fine. "Sherbet", from the original install set, is a jewel. System software tops out at 3,970 running Sherbet; it looks very nice, and is quick, too. "Onyx" (also from the Install set) also looks great. Of course, most any of the schemes written by the absolute SchemeMeisterOfAllTime, Albie Wong, function well; most notably "ByChrom!" and "MacPlaza" (two of my all-time faves in color, too). Albie's "Grey Mist" is nice and quick, also. When you're feelin' Goth, "DarkSide Of IZA", by Takashi Izawa, looks quite good in black and white. Only slightly less than totally successful is Izawa's "IZA Metal Finish" (the "close" buttons don't show up...you gotta guess where they are).


I've tried several others that look great on a color machine, but the scheme designers made absolutely no provision for black and white users: sad case in point, "Galactica" by Duncan Cowan...the shape of the window is there, but there's nothing else but a few vertical lines. Dare I suggest you experiment on your own. However, if you're going to go mucking about with Kaleidoscope on an SE/30, be prepared to hit the restart button quite often: ie, have a paper clip and a boot floppy handy...this is not for the faint of heart. ;-)

 Screen shots of Kaleidescope on an SE/30



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