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Installing PPC (and other versions) of the Mac OS Onto Other Macs

(In other words, installing the incorrect version of the OS on A Mac)




Date: Sat, 15 Aug 1998 01:14:13 +0200

From: Marco Biancotto <md3276@mclink.it>

To: Classic Macs <classic-post@hitznet.com>

Subject: Re:Re:System transfer


Bill Clemons wrote:


>> Does anybody know of a way I can install 7.5.5 from my PPC onto my SE/30 (7.1 ) ?


Disclaimer: The following could be country-specific info.

If Apple acts in your country in the same way it does in Italy, my experience is that there's no way you can *install* (drag a SysFolder from elsewhere is another story).

As for the install: you'll need the 7.5 -> 7.5.3 -> 7.5.5 odyssey. You can use the 7.5.nothing release from Apple or the set of floppy/CD bundled with a machine. If you find it only on CD you can create the floppy set with ShrinkWrap or the like (the CD holds the images of all the diskettes).

Yet, the "bundled" versions of 7.5 shouldn't be able to boot your SE/30, so you'll be prevented from updating the HD driver before performing the install (not doing it is an Apple's big no-no). Workaround: grab "HD SC Setup" and "Disk First Aid" from 7.5's "Disk Tools" (or from Apple's ftp) and copy them to a 7.1 Start-Up floppy.

I'm sorry to report you'll have to go through this Install Frenzy (7.5, then Update 2.0, then 7.5.5, then McLink+, then OT/PPP, then Acrobat, then...) but I smashed my face on this wall more than once and the only way I could alleviate the pain was to have all the stuff on an external HD/CD or to do a "net install" from a networked Mac...

Wish you that the "drag the Sys Folder from 6100 and pray" trick works. Yet again, if you plan to connect SCSI peripherals other than the internal HD, update the driver: 7.5 with outdated driver seems "weak" against 3rd party drivers (IMHO 6.0.7 and 7.1 are sturdier)


On the same subject "DrTekNik" wrote:


> There are rumors that the installer disks for *some* PPC Macs (Performas?) are not compatible with 68K Macs, nor any other Mac for which they were not expressly made for... (Correct me if I am wrong, please... let's squash these rumors if they are false.)

No rumor, sad reality (localizing disclaimer still applies).

The machine-bundled 7.5.smthg CD's I saw here in Italy are that way. They read clearly on the label:

"use only with [tiny selection of models]".

With any Mac but those on the label, the installer issues a "don't know this machine blahblah" message. If you Custom Install (otpion-double click the installer), it lets you select a generic (not universal!) "Macintosh Operating System", but that's a "blind" install (it doesn't check a #%$!!@ thing before overwriting your moriturum System Folder). The result of such an install is either a blinkin' floppy, a silly "you can't run Sys 7.1 on this machine" dialog, or straight a textless bomb window with flashing Las-Vegas-like borders.

Case studies:

- 8500/120 CD (7.5.3 italian) installs "only on 9500/8500/7500", yet it doesn't like my 9500/150. MegaHertz sensitive? (more likely a Gestalt-ID issue).

- my 9500/150 CD (7.5.3 ita). Also "9500/8500/7500" but it's picky: /120 and /132 yes, but 8500/150 (hitting the market *2 weeks* after the 9500/150) it's a no.

- 7300/200 CD (7.5.5 ita) label doesn't allow the contemporary 8200/7200/8600/9600. Doesn't work with any X500 for sure.

- LC630 CD (7.5.2 ita) doesn't install on anything else on the known universe (quoted the label, didn't tried).

- Anyway, the CD that came with a PowerCentre 604/120 is fine everywhere, PPC or 68K. Even with unknown machines the installer lands a valid - although universal/generic - System on your HD. Pity it's 7.5.3 *US*. It saved my day several times since it seems to boot any 7.5.3 compatible Mac in trouble (Hey, I didn't check with my Plus!...er...still). It looks like PowerComputing bundled a "full" version.

- LC 475 floppy set (7.5 ita) boots only the 475's. Yet it seems install fine on everything that supports 7.5.0 (all 68K + first wave of NuBusPPC's for sure). Possibly the last of "friendly" AppleItaly's system bundles.

- Performa CD's/Floppies unable-ties (?? Italianglish) are no rumor. It's Apple's word of mouth (there're a couple hits on T.I.L.): Thou Shall Not Use Them Anywhere Else. Some "qui mal y pense" says you'd better not use them even on the Mac's they're bundled with...





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