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Yes, Virginia, you CAN get an old black and white Mac on the web. This Doc Maker application gives you all the juicy details. Mentioned in Mac Addict and MacUser magazines. Over 20,000 downloads so far.

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ZTerm - From Polarnet's web site, popular terminal emulation program for Macs. Works on the 512 or up.

HyperCard stack of the above tutorial.

Wanna Be Text Only Web Browser - great little (490k!) browser for PowerMacs and 68k Macs. Needs 7.1 and the Drag Manager and Thread Manager or 7.5 or up to run. PPC Version uses 2.2 megs.

MacLynx - text only web browser

Matti Haveri's FAQ's - 68000 FAQ, Internet FAQ for older Macs, more


Get Your Compact Mac On the Web Startup Kit 3.0 - Everything you need to get that old dinosaur on the Internet.

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NOTE: This is broken up into three 800k disc images. You'll need Apple's Disc Copy (comes with every Mac OS since 7.5 or so) to mount the images, then drag the contents of the images to 800k floppies, then run the installer just as you would any other software. This will only install on all 68k Macs running system 7.x with 4 megs of ram or more.
  • Config PPP - control panel
  • MacTCP - Control Panel
  • PPP - Extension
  • Gif Watcher - graphic viewer
  • GifConverter - converts gif to picts and jpgs.
  • MacWeb - web browser
  • Eudora - email
  • Fetch - FTP client
  • Ircle - net chat
  • Get Your Compact Mac On Web (text) - Instructions
  • Get Your Compact Mac On Web 2.0 - Self-contained application of the above document with screen shots.


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How To Use FreePPP and System 7.1

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RedRyder boot disc - surf the web on a 512k Mac or other 68000 Mac

9/15/2001, 11:38 PM

Visiting tonight on a $5 se/30 with a free modem (cable was2$!) all thanks to JAG. Aside from redraws, with a 33.6 usr, jag's7.5 advice and downloads, list of modem jumpers, jags MacPPPsetup, netscape 2, fetch (it works!) I could do it. the big sticklerwas getting the cable for the modem. This has been quite a fun side project, and people like Jag have made it much easier, really enjoyable as opposed to hair pulling aggravating sleep losing endeavors.

thanks again,

It's a really great site (looks good in b&w too, no mean feat)

Peter Stephenson

Date: Sun, 4 Jul 1999 11:25:37 -0500
To: arena@eden.com
Mime-Version: 1.0
X-URL: mailto:arena@eden.com
X-Personal_name: Trey Christensen
From: macfreak@wcc.net
Subject: zterm and lynx

Hello Jag, thank you for the great website on classic Macs.

I am emailing you via lynx via zterm via my 4 meg Mac Plus with an external floppy. (and a hayes 9600 modem!). I booted 6.0.3 on one floppy, and am running zterm from the other. I am going to give this machine to my aunt so she can have an email machine. Thanx,


P.S. lynx is really cool to use!


just a note of thanks. i'm emailing you from my B&W Mac Classic 4/40 running sys 6.0.7. I downloaded your getting on the web pack signed up for a free isp provider with free POP mail account (just a recent thing here in New Zealand) and brought a 56K global village modem from work for a very decent price. your turorials were very helpful and i was up and FTPing and sending email in no time.

Your website is an absolute credit to you and the mac community, keep it up.



PS I may yet upgrade to sys 7.0.1 and get this puppy on the web but the novelty of using sys 6 hasn't worn off yet!?!




Great site. Thanks to all the links and resources I've got my 1 meg Mac Plus doing email, ftp and telnet. I've got it booting off the built-in floppy with 6.0.8, AppleShare, PPP and MacTCP and SuperFinder. Fetch, Eudora and NCSA Telnet are served up from a 6100/66 running 7.5.3 over PhoneNet connectors. Next step is to get an external floppy for the Plus and let it do ALL the work ;-)

All in all pretty good for a $5 computer and a $3 modem.

Thanks again,


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