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 HyperCard Stacks

I've only recently begun to explore HyperCard so I only have a few stacks here now. These will work under HyperCard or HyperCard Player 2.0 or up.



"Get Your Compact Mac On the Web" - Detailed instructions on how to get a Plus or up black and white Mac on the web. The original DOCMaker stand-alone application was mentioned in the July 1997 MacUser Magazine. Go to my Classic Mac Page for the original.

How To Install Ram Into A Classic Mac - very detailed with pictures and sounds and animations. Also has links to web sites, info on more recent Macs.Black and white version - 700k. Color version - 1.3 megs.

Mac Models 84-94 - All the early Macs up to but not including PowerMacs. Detailed descriptions, pictures, startup sounds and more.

Networking Two Computers With A Modem - No phone line needed. Works with Macs and PC's.

Make Any Mac A Web Server - From the Plus on up! - Great tutorial to impress your PC friends with! Ever seen a 286 web server?? Didn't think so!

Jag's Calendar Stack - simple and nifty. Automatically pulls up today's date when launched. This is a stand alone stack, the HyperCard player is not needed. 1.1 megs.

Jag's Room VR Stack - explains how to make a QuickTime VR Movie with sound. You'll need Apple's QuickTime 2.1 or up. Includes Apple QuickTime VR tools that are no longer available (unless you buy the QT Authoring Studio for $400.)

 Crookston History Stack -very detailed history of my Mother's family name. Includes music, movies, narrations and many excellent photos taken by my grandfather many years ago. Check out the web site.

3.5 megs

How To Install Linux onto An SE/30 - very detailed tutorial including URL's, tips and lots of information not included in the original instructions.

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