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System 6 List

This is an automated email list for Macintosh System 6 enthusiasts. This OS is best suited for older 68000, 68020 and 68030 Macs. This list doesn't discuss any other Mac topic, so please keep on topic when posting and answering...
This list is loosely moderated by jag.

To subscribe to the list send email to



To unsubscribe, send email to


and I will take you off the list.


To send email to the entire list, address the email to





Duo/2400 List, begun September 24, 1998. Discussion of PowerBook Duo

computers and the PowerBook 2400.



Mac USB Talk List, begun September 24, 1998. Discussion of USB and USB

peripherals on the Mac.



iBook List, begun October 29, 1998 as the CPortList. Discussion of the

iBook and AirPort.



Mac FireWire Talk List, begun January 7, 1999. Discussion of FireWire and

FireWire devices for the Mac.



Mac Games List, started June 6, 1999. The place to discuss gaming issues.



G4 List, begun on August 31, 1999. Discussion of the Power Mac G4 and G4

upgrades for earlier Macs.



Eight.Six Plus, announcement list. Covers updates to Mac OS 8.6 that are

not part of the standard install.



The Classic Mac Mailing List


The Classic Macs mailing list (for all old Macs, not just the Classic series) will put you in touch with a lot of knowledgeable folk. Highly recommended. To subscribe, send e-mail to Majordomo@hitznet.com. In the body of the message write:

subscribe classics

The Classic Macs Archives are found at: http://www.zws.com/classicmacs/

If you want some cool info on the Mac SE's, go here. It's a great resource.

Low End Mac's Email Lists

Quadlist - 040 Macs

Vintage Macs - pre-68040 Macs

PowerBooks - PowerBooks and other portable Mac OS computers.

PowerMacs- Power Macs and PPC-based Mac OS compatibles.

SuperMacs - Umax SuperMac lines of Mac OS compatibles.

MacInSchool - advocates for Macintosh computers in schools.

iMac List - fans of the iMac.

Mac2Mac - is a general purpose Mac list.

MaX - Mac folk learning Linux, BSD, and other Unix-derived operating systems.

Compact Macs - 6800-based compact Macs.

Mac-Can - Mac users in Canada.

Outback-Mac - Mac users in Australia and New Zealand.

G-List - PowerMac G3 and g4 users.


Usenet Newsgroups For Classic Macs


comp.sys.mac.wanted - Polluted with cross-posted 'For sale' stuff, but still the place to put your 'Wanted' ads.

news:comp.sys.mac.hardware.storage - Discussion of hard disks and removables, etc.

comp.sys.mac.hardware.misc - About hardware not covered elsewhere.

comp.sys.mac.misc - For general topics not covered elsewhere.

comp.infosystems.www.browsers.mac - About Mac web browsers.

comp.sys.mac.system - Discussion of System software.

misc.forsale.computers.mac-specific.misc - 'For sale' ads, miscellaneous

misc.forsale.computers.mac-specific.cards.misc - 'For sale' ads, accelerator cards, ethernet cards, etc.

misc.forsale.computers.mac-specific.cards.video - 'For sale'ads, video cards.

misc.forsale.computers.mac-specific.software - 'For sale' ads, software.

misc.forsale.computers.mac-specific.systems - 'For sale' ads, Mac systems.

uk.adverts.computer - UK 'for sale' ads, all platforms.



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