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FREE How to Play A CBG CD and Slide with Every CBG order!

All CBG's Can Be Made With 3 or 4 Strings and Humbucker or Single Coil Pickup, Sound Hole and Gold Corners


(Note: These are stock photos, your CBG may very slightly).

If You Prefer A Different Box Than What You See Blow, Pick Your Custom Box Here

If You Prefer A Different Box Than What You See Here, Pick Your Custom Box Here

To order a CBG that is not currently available, click the appropriate "add To Cart" button below and I'll make it for you in under a week with my choice of cigar box.

The pictures below are examples only.

CBG only $199.99 + $25 shipping

Includes FREE How To Play CBG CD and FREE metal slide

Six String CBG only $299.99 + $25 shipping

See A Video of of A 6 String CBG

See several different Bluesboy Jag 6 stringers on this page.

CBG and amp $259.98 + $25 shipping

Includes FREE How To Play CBG CD and FREE metal slide

See the matching cbg and amp boxes you can choose from here.

CBG/Bass Combo Guitar


Includes FREE How To Play CBG CD and FREE metal slide

1 bass String, 3 Guitar Strings

Play bass and guitar at the same time!

Two Outputs: One for Bass, One For Guitar!

Electric Washboard

$99 + $25 shipping

3 String Little Mojo Fretless Acoustic/Electric Cigar Box Guitar

$109.99 + $25 shipping

PLEASE NOTE! Your Box May Look Different Than the Box Shown Below

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  • Why Bluesboy Jag Cigar Box Guitars Are Top Quality Instruments

    I've made over 4000 CBG's of every variety known to man so I know the ins and outs and tricks of how to make a playable CBG that will last a lifetime.

    Adjustable string height for fretted (low) or slide (higher) playing.

    The same wire frets Gibson and Fender uses for intricate chording and excellent tone.

    Uses any electric guitar strings

    Contoured and lowered headstock for better intonation.

    Contoured (rounded) underside of neck for easy playability.

    Hidden single coil pickup to preserve the unique cigar box artwork. The pickup is inside the box, all that is visible is the screws/pole pieces.

    Most models have a 5th 4th 3rd and 2nd strings, however you can use heavier gauge strings.

    Red oak neck - hand made, the best wood for a guitar neck, light and very easy to fret and resistant to bowing.

    Each CBG Is Signed and serialized.

    The History of the Cigar Box Guitar

    Trace evidence of cigar box instruments exist from 1840 to the 1860s. The cigar box guitars and fiddles were important in the rise of jug bands and blues. As most of these performers were black Americans living in poverty, many could not afford a "real" instrument.

    The Great Depression of the 1930s saw a resurgence of homemade musical instruments. Times were hard in the American south and for entertainment sitting on the front porch singing away their blues was a popular pastime. Musical instruments were beyond the means of everybody, but an old cigar box, a piece of broom handle and a couple wires from the screen door and a guitar was born. Famous musicians that played CBG include Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Guy.

    About me:

    I've been playing guitar for since 1977 and teaching guitar since 1980. I have recorded about 40 90 minute cassettes of my own music over the next 20+ years. I've made over 4000 CBG's of various types since 2004.

    the word 'mojo' was not used in the creation of this web site.