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that will turn heads and last a lifetime."

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Custom builds, weird questions?

I make a TON of custom models, dual pickups, selector switch cbg's, short scale basses, dulcimer guitars etc...

Why should I buy A Cigar Box Guitar vs A "Normal" Electric Guitar?

  • 1. Its a unique one of a kind hand made instrument made from discarded materials.
  • 2. It looks cool and gets you attention on stage.
  • 3. You are keeping an old tradition of hand made instruments alive as well as promoting the old blues traditions.
  • 4. They sound great!
  • 5. It teaches you a potentially whole new way of playing a stringed instrument (and it's easy).
  • 6. New instruments spur creativity.
  • 7. It adds a different look and sound to your band or act.
  • 8. It's a great way to promote your band "Billy J. Miller Band and His Cigar Box Guitars".
  • 9. Just a hobby
  • 10. Experimentation with new instruments.
  • 11. Gets you past the stagnation some guitarists have after years of playing the same ole thing.
  • 12. Can rejuvenate your creativity with the different tunings.
  • 13. Tone, tone, tone!
  • 14. To play some killer bluegrass and blues lick.s
  • 15. To learn how the blues masters played their songs on 4 strings when they couldnt afford a store bought guitar.
  • 16. Cigar box guitars are unique.