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What's the Difference Between A Transducer Pickup and a Magnetic Pickup?

I'm glad you asked :)

Hand wound magnetic pickup #1

Hand wound magnetic pickup #2

Piezo transducer pickup

Piezo (Transducer)

Magnetic (Stratocaster style)

Picks up the vibrations of tone thru the body or neck of the guitar. Very tinny tone, not very good with distortion. The highs are louder and the lows are lower than what most people prefer.

Picks up the magnetic vibrations of the strings. Excellent tone (listen to any elextric guitar recordings from the 30's to the present). More even volume: the highs and lows are not so far apart.

Picks up many more vibrations from handling the guitar, thumps, fingers moving up and down the neck

Minimal neck and body vibrations

Extremely difficult to find the best placement, each cigar box guitar is unique and has its own tonal qualities making it difficult to get the best tone.

Can be placed anywhere under the strings and sounds great.

Mismatched impedance meaning that some guitars will sound better than others depending on the amp, how it is played (slide or regular style), the volume and if any pedals are used. In other words you cannot get the same sound every time with a piezo, each guitar will sound different and some will sound terrible while others will sound OK.

No mismatched impdance or tone problems. Works great with a variety of effects and amps and at all volumes. Consistent tone no matter the circumstances.

Very difficult to install permanently without it coming loose, slipping or simply falling off. If the piezo is pressed down against the mounting surface too firmly, it may not work at all, making it difficult to attach.

Easy to install to achieve excellent tone.