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 "A hand made one of a kind professional stage instrument that will turn heads and last a lifetime."
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Bluesboy Jag's  

Gutbucket Suitcase Bass Drum



As I've played around the country the past few years with my suitcase bass drum I've gotten a LOT of inquiries on it so I decided to offer them for sale along with my world famous cigar box guitars.

Made especially for solo acts and one man bands, but it can also be used as part of a full drum kit.

Advertise your act while you play!

Each Gutbucket is unique. I use different sizes and styles of suitcases to make the Gutbucket.

In order to keep your cost down, the bass drum pedal is not included. (get one here or here).

Any bass drum pedal will fit.

 30 second setup: just attach the pedal to the stand.

You can use an ordinary stage bass drum mic for live performances, or drill a hole in the suitcase and put a bass mic inside, then go to the board.

Sounds great thru the PA, just EQ with 100% bass and you're ready to rock.



Put the stand and pedal inside and away you go!



Bluesboy Jag at the deep Blues Festival 2009 with his suitcase bass drum



Vintage Brown Samsonite Suitcase Bass Drum

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