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Do You Play Many Gigs With Your Cigar Box Guitars?

Yes! I make sure to play at least a couple of songs on my CBG every gig I play, most of the time the entire gig is the CBG. I play a couple of gigs a week, often I'm asked to perform at benefits for a quick two or three song set in which case I'll use my Ashton Speedster or Charlie Patton fretted CBG because I can play all my songs on those guitars. Some songs require 6 strings so I might play my 6 string CBG.

As of 2012 I have a live blues band which includes harmonica, bass, keyboards and drums and I play several CBG's in the band: a hum bucker 3 string, a single coil 4 string and sometimes my license plate 4 string cog.

I also busk a lot with my CBG in downtown Little Rock or at the Helena Blues Fest (King Biscuit), Mother's Best Blues Fest, Summerset Festival, Deep Blues Festival (Minneapolis), etc. I also play coffee houses, clubs, bars and parties with my CBG's.

Deep Blues Festival 2009

The Foetus, Minneapolis

Coffee House

Cigar Box Guitar Festival, Huntsville, Alabama

Parrot Beach Cafe, North Little Rock

Deep Blues Fest, Minneapolis