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  • What Is A Fretless Cigar Box Guitar??!! How Can You Play A Guitar Without Frets??!!
  • A fretless guitar is played with a slide, however many people also play them without a slide by fretting the notes on a bare fingerboard and sliding up and down with their fingers. Fretless guitars are not a common instrument but they've been used by guitarists for many many years. Early home made guitars from the early 19th century were often fretless. Many makers of these guitars used them in jug bands and played them with a slide or lap style (Dobro).

    I started out on a fretless CBG and still use them in my live set. It's a challenge at first to learn where all the notes are but you'd be surprised how quickly you'll catch on. It's actually a great way to start playing slide because you can hear how to slide into and out of the notes. Plus, they look really cool on stage. I make fretless guitars with my signature hand wound pickup for that gritty, low blues tone.

    My 'How To Play DVD' that ships with every CBG order shows you how to play a fretless CBG, including chords, walking bass lines, boogie licks and slide techniques.