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Custom builds, weird questions? I also make a TON of various custom models, dual pickups, selector switch cbg's, etc...Email me.


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Custom builds, weird questions? Email me.


Diddley Bows

Transducer Pickup, 1/4" Jack

This is one of the earliest blues guitars, play it with a slide lap steel style. Each Diddley Bow has a unique bridge/pickup using a variety of tobacco tins, Altoid tins and candy tins. Your Diddley Bow may have different tins or art depending on what I have in stock at the time.


 Punch Transducer Diddley Bow




Due to high demand I can't always have dozens of cbg's pre-built.

If you'd like a CBG built for you out of another box, email me to see what boxes I have available.



Velvet Tobacco 1 String Diddley Bow


Altoids Diddley Bow




$79.99 + $30 shipping. Free slide

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