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  • I've Noticed That Some of the Bridge Bolts are Angled. Why Is That?
  • In keeping with the old time cigar box guitar styles from over 100 years ago, I use bolts for my bridge and nut on my cigar box guitars. They are faithful to the old style and they work great, plus they look cool. To make sure that the guitar's intonation (making sure everything is in tune up the neck), sometimes it's necessary to angle the bridge. This allows you to play perfectly in tune all the way up the neck. Sometimes the bridge bolt is straight, this means that and angle is not required. I use a tuner and various bolts to first test the best height of the strings. Once this has been done, I adjust the angle of the bridge bolt with the tuner so that all strings are in tune to the last fret. This allows you to play various chords and string combinations in tune all the way to the last fret. Sometimes it's also necessary to put an "L" bracket on the back of the guitar where the neck meets the body. This ensures that the strings are low enough for easy playing yet high enough for slide playing.