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A video from Lance Canales featuring my cigar box guitar.










 Guitar/Bass Two Instruments In One!










Tuning A CBG

Stevie Ray Vaughan Songs on a CBG


3 String Humbucker CBG Live 



See the video catalog of my cigar box guitars complete with music recorded with them.


 My band Voodoo Sauce with a 6 String Cigar Box Guitar


7 Year Old Playing a 1 String Diddley Bow for the Very First Time


 A 7 Year Old Customer Playing One of My CBG Guitar/Bass - 1 bass String, 3 Guitar Strings - Play Guitar & Bass at the Same Time

Songs Inside The Box

Bluesboy Jag and the Slackjawed Yokels at the White Water Tavern, Little Rock.



Jag at Deep Blues Fest, Minneapolis, Minn 7/19/08

Cigar Box Guitar Festival, Huntsville Al 2007


Jag live at the Deep Blues festival, Minneapolis 2008

"Mean People Blues" played on my main CBG axe.

Black Punch Cigar Box Uke

Humbucker Cigar Box Guitar


Two Year Old Video of my Fretless CBG's

Humbucker and Radio Amp


Online Videos by Veoh.com

See a video of Curtis Blues playing one of my acoustic CBGs

A video of JAG Playing the Third Annual Cigar Box Guitar Extravaganza, Huntsville, Al 6/9/07

Can you spot Jag in this promo video?

 View a 20 minute livingroom concert of me playing my cigar box guitars

Three String CBG Video

Cigar Box Uke Video

Three String Cigar Box Bass Video

Fretless Resonator Cigar Box Guitar Video

Cigar Box Dulcitar (Dulcimer Guitar) Video

One String Electric Diddley Bow Video


Sound Clip 4

An entire song recorded with only Cigar box Guitar. Lead solos were recorded on a one string diddley bow
and a 3 string 12 inch candy tin guitar, the 'bass' is actually a 3 string Cigar box Guitar. tuned down.