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Can You Only Play Blues on A Cigar Box Guitar?

Of course not! You can play any kind of music on any instrument. Lots of people play rock, metal, country, bluegrass, even middle eastern and experimental music on a Cigar Box Guitar. You don't even need to re-tune it but most people do.

Keep in mind that stringed instruments have been playing music for thousands of years, they weren't created when Elvis hit the scene : ) I've seen metal CBG bands, coin try CBG bands, jazz CBG bands and even experimental CBG bands.

I ship my cigar box guitars tuned to open G (A string tunes down to G, D string tuned natural, G string tuned natural, B string tuned natural). Some people tune cigar box guitars like a baritone guitar which is just like a 6 string guitar but with 4 strings while others tune them like a ukulele, mandolin or dulcimer. Plug a cigar box guitar into a Marshall amp and let it roar!

Some people put 2 B strings on a cbg or 2 G strings and tune them differently while others use traditional strings and tune them to a major or minor chord. It's completely up to you, experiment!