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Arturo Fuente 3 String Fretless CBG

and Arturo Fuente Fretted CBG

This is considered one of the original early style cigar box gutars from the eary 1900's.

It's played with a slide although you can also fret notes with your fingers like a traditional guitar.

A, D, G strings tuned AEa (tune it however you like)

You'd be amazed at what fun you'll have playing with this little beast!

Fret markers on the top and side of the neck, use your fingers or a slide (free slide and how to play cd included).

Red oak neck, strap holder, hanger to hang the cbg on the wall.

Sound hole.

Signed and numbered.

These are hot sellers for a reason!

NOTE: Your Sound Hole May Look Different Than the Pics Below

Arturo Fuente 3 String Fretless Transducer Pickup CBG

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Arturo Fuente 3 String Fretless Single Coil Pickup CBG

$199.99 + $25 shipping

Order the Fretted Humbucker Model of this CBG - $219.99 + $25 shipping