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6 String Cigar Box Guitars Now Available!

Arturo Fuente CBG/Bass Combo

Two Guitars In One!

Perfect for one man bands.

(A) Bass String, (A,D,G) Guitar Strings, Separate Outputs for Bass and Guitar

Tune It To Open G Without Changing The Strings

When you play slide, you're sliding on the bass string at the same time. Slide to a D chord on the guitar and you're sliding to a D note on the bass at the same time.

Plug the bass into a bass amp and the guitar into a guitar amp. Separate volume control for bass and guitar. Perfect for one man bands.

NOTE: Because this one takes a little longer to make, it is a special order CBG.

**See the boxes I have available here***.

Here's More Examples

This One Has A Unique Leather Covered Box

Free slide and How To Play A CBG Video CD

***Please choose fretted or fretless bass neck.***

See the boxes I have available HERE.

Fretted Bass neck: $279.99 + $25 shipping.

Fretless Bass neck: $299.99 + $25 shipping.