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What Amplifiers Do You Recommend For Your Cigar Box Guitars?

Just like any electric guitar, the amp you use is very important. However I've used many cheap beat up amps over the years and gotten great tone out of them with traditional electric guitars as well as cigar box guitars. Your tonal preferences will dictate what sounds best with your CBG just like it does on a regular electric guitar. In other words, its really up to you. Be wary of amps with built in distortion effects - they rarely compare with real tube amp distortion. Here's a list of amps I use for my cigar box guitars:

1961 Fender Super 40 Watt amp

1965 Fender Princeton reverb

Roland Cube 30 Watt Solid State

Roland Micro Cube Battery amp

Roland Cube Street PA/guitar amp

1979 Peavey Pacer 50 watt

Music Man 100 watt tube/solid state

1948 Kalamazoo Tube amp

2005 Gibson GA 5 4 Watt tube amp