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Do You Make Acoustic Cigar Box Guitars??

Yes. I put a small sound hole in the upper or lower front corner of the CBG depending on the style of the box. Some boxes require a sound hole in the lower front corner. Keep in mind that acoustic cigar box guitars are not as loud as an acoustic guitar due to the size of the box. Acoustic guitars have a much larger resonating body than a cigar box. For this reason I put pickups in all my cigar box guitars which makes it an acoustic/electric with the sound hole.

Le Bijou Acoustic/Electric CBG

I also cut sound holes in the shape of F holes for a more old timey look.

Cohiba 3 or 4 String F-Hole

A lot of my customers play their acoustic electric cigar box guitars at home in the living room or while watching tv. It's a great way to play at low volume without disturbing anyone. I've also noticed that the sound hole can be used to achieve slight feedback when playing at high volumes. It's not easy to achieve this, you may need to hold the cigar box guitar close to your amp and turn up the distortion. I do this often when I'm playing a gig with a slide - it's fun to experiment with.