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How Does The Small Size of the Cigar Box (as Compared to a full Size Guitar) Effect the Playability?

Not much is the short answer :) My cbg's are easy to play even though they are smaller than a regular guitar.SUre, they may seem a little small when you first take it out of the shipping box, but they really aren't much different when you start playing it. The neck is the most important part of a guitar, a neck that's too thin, too long or too wide is much harder to play for most people than a box that's small. I have many many different boxes in stock, some are about the size of a tenor ukulele, while others are about the size of a medium hard back novel. All of them are similarly easy to play - it just take a few minutes to acclimate to a cbg.

I play sitting down for better access to the higher frets while I'm singing (so I don't have to look at my guitar neck) but if you play standing up, you'll find that a small cigar box guitar in many ways is actually easier to play because it's so light and portable. I put extra oak wood in every cog to help balance it and that also increases the sustain.