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diddley bows, resonators, cbg/Bass combos too!

Bluesboy Jag Six String Cigar Box Guitars

I've made many 6 string CBG's over the years and each one is unique.

I use Fender and Gibson style necks, metal adjustible and tailpiece bridges, single coil or humbucker pickups, single volume or volume and tone controls.

I use the larger boxes for better appearance and balance. I have several dozen suitable 6 string CBG boxes to choose from.

Here are some 6 stringers I've made over the years. If you see one you like, I'll make it for you!

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See several different Bluesboy Jag 6 stringers on this page.

See A Video of of A 6 String CBG

This one is battered because it's my main 6 string and it's played hundreds of hours of gigs!

Custom 6 String

6 String Punch

Undercrown Custom

Gold Macanudo


Gibson Style 6 String