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Bluesboy Jag Six String Cigar Box Guitars

I've made many 6 string CBG's over the years and each one is unique.

I use Fender and Gibson style Tune-o-Matic bridges, single coil or humbucker pickups, single volume or volume and tone controls.

I use the larger boxes for better appearance and balance. I have several dozen suitable 6 string CBG boxes to choose from.

Here are some 6 stringers I've made over the years. If you see one you like, I'll make it for you!

Hand Wound or Humbucker Magnetic Pickup

Professionally Made Smack Dab in the Middle of the Delta For Professional Musicians

Signed and serialized.

Fender Stratocaster style neck.

HOT Seller!

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Single Pickup Six String CBG only $249.99 + $25 shipping

Six String CBG Dual Pickup only $299.99 + $25 shipping

See several different Bluesboy Jag 6 stringers on this page.

See A Video of of A 6 String CBG

Arturo King Bee 6 String $249.99 + $25 Shipping

Aroma de Cuba 6 String $249.99 + $25 Shipping

This one is battered because it's my main 6 string and it's played hundreds of hours of gigs! Single coil pickup gives you a very well rounded tone without too much distortion.

Arturo Fuente White Box 6 String $249.99 + $25 Shipping

Andalusian Bull 6 String $249.99 + $25 Shipping

Andalusian Bull 6 String

Custom 6 String

Undercrown 6 String $299.99 + $25 Shipping

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