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Date: 30 Nov 98 17:31:28 +0000
Subject: Navigator 4.08 for 68k
From: "Gavin" <Gavin.Haines@btinternet.com>
To: "Classic Posts" <classic-post@hitznet.com>

If you like perpetually downloading the latest whizz bang version of
Netscape only to find it won't run on your machine, don't read any further.

But if you have got enough RAM in your Mac to take an 8000k Application,
read on...

Netscape 4.08 is the latest, possibly the last,  68k version.  The good
news is that it is faster than Internet Explorer 3.01, and does not take
ages to launch. The bad news is that it occupies 4.3meg on disk, and needs
8000k (preferred size) to run.

The main installer (called "Start here") says you need S7.6.1, but you can
get around this by just installing the "Navigator" module. This runs on
S7.5.5. Or at least it runs on my machine - IIci.  (You are supposed to
need at least a 68030 processor to run Open Transport but you might also be
able to get around this). The "help" file, which seems to have been
implemented using Javascript is very slow, but you can delete this once you
have read what it has to say.

I don't suppose  Navigator 4.08  is much faster than Internet Explorer,
but as it  slides along, it keeps the punter happy with messages such as
"80% of 50k" or whatever. A barbers pole along the bottom of the screen
winds along to keep you amused, unlike Internet Explorer which seems to
"stick" allowing the low-end Mac user to become bored...

For complete listing of all browser versions goto:


For direct download


All the New Features and the Known Problems of this release (November 1998)
are listed here:

When your fire up Navigator 4.08 for the first time, it takes you to
Netscape'site for registration. Once you have survived this little ordeal,
you can go to preferences and set the default home page to a local file or
a blank screen.

Have fun folks

The "G" man.


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