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Mad With Macintosh


Make A Mac Boot Disc From A PeeCee






Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 00:03:35 +0200

To: Classic Macs <classic-post@hitznet.com>

From: Matti Haveri <matti.haveri@sjoki.uta.fi>

Subject: Making a bootable mac disk on a PC


If you don't yet have a bootable mac disk but instead have a working (!)

PC, you can make a bootable System 7.5 mac disk on a PC:


Expand Network Access Disk image with Aladdin Expander-win and write it to

a HD floppy using WinImage - this disk boots a SuperDrive-equipped mac if

it supports System 7.5. (WinImage doesn't seem to support self mounting

image files (.smi), only "plain" disk images so this trick doesn't work

with all System files on the net).










Matti Haveri <matti.haveri@sjoki.uta.fi> <http://www.sjoki.uta.fi/~shmhav/>


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