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Mad With Macintosh


Replacing the Batteries In Mac Portable





Date: Thu, 22 Jan 1998 22:15:16 -0600

To: Classic Posts <> From: Bryan Walls <>

Subject: Battery for Macintosh Portable


I found a replacement for the Mac Portable lead-acid battery that is a fairly good value. The part is a Power Sonic Corp. PSG-650. It is a single battery that is just slightly smaller than the original battery pack, but has the same capacity (5 Ampere-hours), and the same chemistry, so that it can safely recharge. It has two spade-type terminals on one side. I knocked the top off of the Apple battery, pulled the three cells and padding out, snipped off the two gold-plated terminal pads, crimped them onto the terminals of the new battery, and stuffed the new battery into the old shell. It was a perfect fit. If you don't want to go to all the trouble, a flat pieces of metal soldered to one end of a short section of wire with a female spade-lug and a piece of tape would work for each terminal. If you aren't worried about removing the new battery till it's no longer rechargable, there are easier methods, yet.


The description sounds kind of scary, I guess, but there's not much to it that's really tricky. Just hook the plus to the plus and the minus to the minus.


I got my new batteries from Allied Electronics <>. You can check stock on their web-site, and find a local distributor, or you can buy via the net. I called the dealer here in town. I received mine withing a week. The stock number is 621-5015. There may be some kind of minimum order (there is on the web site), but my local person didn't mention it. If you don't have net access, phone numbers are 1-800-433-5700 to speak with your local Allied Representative or

817-595-3500 (Fax: 817-595-6444) if calling from out of the country. The cost is $16.83 for each battery. Shipping was $4.61 for the two I bought, and there was $2.70 in tax since there is a local distributor. There's also a price break for 10 or more, but one for me and one for someone else was plenty...



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