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The Macintosh LC II

Released in March 1992, the LC II was essentially an upgrade of the original LC.Unfortunately, while Apple "speed-bumped" the processor to a 16 Mhz 68030, they kept the 16-bit data path, making the speed improvement minimal (the 68030 was a 32-bit processor). The LC II sold for $1240, making it one of the more affordable Macs ever. It was discontinued in March 1993, when it was replaced by the LC III. In September 1993, it was bundled with several different hard drives and software, and rereleased as the Performa 400, 405, 410, and 430..

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LC Specs



Check out my Mac store for parts!
Memory - download my
Get Your Compact Mac On the Web Tutorial for info on memory and system upgrades.
Memory - d/l HyperCard stacks on how to install memory.
Color Black and white
You'll need HyperCard or
HC Player to view the stacks
MicroMac Thunder 030
Fusion Data Tokamac 040 card- hard to find, uses the Sonnet Presto driver
Sonnet Presto Plus


In the UK and looking for a battery?


Start here for internet info on an LCII
19.2 modem throughput (faster with loss of data).
Get Your Compact Mac On the Web - everything you need.
Worldshare has free internet for 68k Macs - Mac Plus or up. No banners, no proprietary software to download. (Requires minimum $10 donation to the charity of your choice, also requires filling out 1 survey a month. Not available in all cities).
Tips For Browsing On Older Macs
Info About Browsers On Older Macs
modem throughput on a Mac Plus
Surf the web through another Mac - Mac Plus or up
Surf the web through another Mac - Mac Plus or up
ZTerm HOW-TO. Connect to Unix hosts or Macs and PC's with this terminal emulation program.
Tips on using Eudora on older Macs
Sue Korlan's Internet FAQ - tips and tricks on getting online and staying online
Disc image of system 6.0.8 with Eudora 1.3.1 - use email while booted off a floppy



Born Again allows you to run OS 8 on most 030 Macs
Start here for info on software for the LCII
Software that will work on
68000 Macs
Classic Mac icons
SoftPC ans SoftAT allow you to emulate DOS PC's. Try your local thrift stores.


Word Processing
Web server
Photo scanner (this software requires HyperCard)
Photoshop 1, 2
HTML creator with HyperCard
Internet browsing (slow)
HyperCard programming for kids
Learn How To Type
Play old games
Learn Unix
Play network games
Paint programs for kids
Animation creation with HyperCard, Director, VideoWorks (last two are out of print)
Datase, mailing list, recipes with Filemaker 1-3, HyperCard


Download Mac Minix (it's now free!) and run it on your Plus or up, System 6 or up. No need to reformat your hard drive.
Networking an LCII to a Linux Box - includes details on how to instlal Linux on an SE/30.
Home Automation Links (Mac Plus or up)
Networking a Mac Plus and USB Macs.
Scanning With A Classic Mac - tips and suggestions.
Turning your dead Mac into a
creation of the web was influenced by HyperCard and the first white paper on the WWW was written on a Mac SE.






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