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Making a Boot Floppy For 7.5 If You Don't Have 7.5 Discs




Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 01:05:36 +0200
To: Classic Macs <classic-post@hitznet.com>
From: Matti Haveri <matti.haveri@sjoki.uta.fi>
Subject: Re: Mac disk repair/boot disks, etc...

>I don't thing System 7.5's core stuff will fit on a floppy.

It is possible to make an emergency boot floppy from the System 7.5
"Network Access" disk:

68000-mac-faq <http://www.sjoki.uta.fi/~shmhav/68000.txt>:

Q: How to make a System 7.5 emergency boot floppy?

A: Substitute the Finder in "Network Access" disk with MiniSubstitute's
Finder (68K version). Now there is also room for a harddrive formatter like
Apple HD SC Setup 7.3.5 and Disk First Aid 7.2.2 (launch them via
File/Open...). To make a System 7.5 anti-virus boot floppy, delete
everything except System and MiniSubstitute's Finder to make room for
Disinfectant 3.7.1 (Disinfectant 3.7.1 is obsolete, but nevertheless the
last anti-virus utility for 68000 macs).







IMHO it would have been a good idea from Apple to also bundle the bootable
System 7.5 Disk Tools image to the System 7.5.3rev2 set. This would have
prevented many headaches...

BTW, is System 7.5.3rev2 set only downloadable as a CD image (19
self-mounting Disk Copy images)? Is/has there been a downloadable floppy
version with a boot floppy?

Matti Haveri <matti.haveri@sjoki.uta.fi> <http://www.sjoki.uta.fi/~shmhav/>


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