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 The Macintosh

The very first Mac - the computer that changed everything.
Got a Mac Classic? Join the
System 6 email digest.
The original Macintosh white paper written by Jef Raskin in 1980. The is the original germination idea of the Macintosh.
The Making of the Macintosh by Stanford University - the whole story with pictures and input from the original Mac team.
Byte Magazine Cover of the 128 Mac.
Computer and Electronics Magazine article on the first Mac - 1984

Classic Specs


Check out my Mac store for parts!
Memory - download my
Get Your Compact Mac On the Web Tutorial for info on memory and system upgrades.
Ram Guide for Macs
Mac Plus motherboard
Power R Video converter - lets you attach an external monitor to the 128, 512, Plus, SE and SE/30


Classic Mac Repair Tips

Try and find a copy of Larry Pina's Macintosh Repair and Upgrade Secrets or Dead Mac Scrolls.
How to remove magic marker ink from classic Macs.


Ummm... no.




There are virtually no applications that you canfind on the net that will run on the 128. A few Mac Plus games might.


Word Processing
Learn How To Type
Play VERY old games
Paint programs for kids
Datase, mailing list, recipes



Turning your dead Mac into a MacQuarium.


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